2002-03-14 / Front Page

Villagers chose write-in candidate for president

Write-in candidate James Krauss will succeed Richard Maki as Roscommon Village President after defeating Ed Shearer, the only candidate whose name appeared on the ballot for president, in Monday’s annual village election.
Krauss received 87 write-in votes, while 62 voters marked the box next to Shearer’s name on the ballot, according to unofficial returns. The president-elect was a village trustee from 1997-1999 and returned to a trustee seat in 2000. Shearer has been on the council since 2000. Maki is leaving the council after nine years as president and one as trustee.
In a referendum, voters resounding said village clerk and treasurer should remain elected positions, rather than become appointed. The vote to keep the clerk’s job elected was 140-33, and the vote to retain treasurer as an elected position was 152-21.
Returned to office without opposition were Clerk Mary Krauss, with 145 votes, and Treasurer Janae Ostling, 158.
Three unopposed trustee candidates were elected over write-in candidate Joe Little. Incumbent Jesse Carlson was reelected with 123 votes. New trustees will be Ronald Seaman, who received 109 votes, and Lawrence Cook, 108. Little, who resigned as director of the village’s department of public works March 6, received 26 write-in votes for trustee.
Village Manager W. Michael Freer said Little’s resignation apparently resulted from “unresolved differences of management.” Freer said another DPW employee, Brian Minor, is certified to run both the village water and sewer systems, and a temporary employee may be hired to keep the department at full strength until a new director is hired.

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