2002-03-14 / Front Page

Roscommon Township approves $1.7 million budget, sets the stage for development of the Heights

By Cheryl Mendham

A $1.7 million budget was approved by the Roscommon Township board March 5. The 2002-03 budget is about $200,000 less than last year’s budget, which provided $500,000 for construction of the new township hall.
The $1,739,862 budget breaks down as follows: General fund $753,520; roads, $51,752; fire $308,464; fire equipment, $56,247; trash, $229,500; ambulance, $291,226; and ambulance vehicle, $49,153.

The $753,520 general fund budget consists of board, $222,839; supervisor’s office, $22,298; elections, $6,550; assessing office, $50,355; clerk’s office, $38,443; board of review, $1,885; treasurer’s office, $29,926; summer tax collection, $11,572; township hall, $74,645; cemetery, $24,023; airport, $8,234; ordinance officer, $13,753; street lights, $28,000; building agency, $76,550; parks, $60,675; zoning, $52,179; and roads, $31,591.
Board members did not request a pay increase; however, salary increases were approved for township employees.

The board also authorized Supervisor Diane Randall to forward a letter of intent to the Michigan Economic Development Corporation for a grant for Houghton Lake Heights. In early planning, the board hopes to use grant money to rejuvenate the Heights. Pat Marshall of the Roscommon County Housing Office said she will apply for a Michigan State Housing Development Authority grant to go hand-in-hand with the MEDC grant. The MSHDA grant would provide money for residential improvements. The MEDC grant requires a 10% match.

It is hoped a theme could be developed in the Heights, focusing on the area’s logging history, with perhaps a board walk and gas lights.

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