2004-03-11 / Front Page

Denton to ask for millage renewals, increase

By Cheryl Holladay

Denton Township voters will be asked to approve four millages at the Aug. 3 election, one each for fire, street lights, roads and fixed township operating. The board approved the language March 3.

The proposed fire millage is a renewal for fire operating. Voters will be asked to approve 1 mil ($1 per $1,000 taxable value) to run through 2012. The millage would generate about $226,000 the first year.

A half-mil renewal (50 cents per $1,000 taxable value) is being requested for roads, to run through 2012, and would generate about $113,000 the first year.

The half-mil street light millage renewal, which the township does not plan to levy this year, would also raise about $113,000 the first year.

Also requested is a Headlee rollback restoration of 1.5 mils ($1.5 per taxable value) to run through 2012. Over the years, the previously approved millage has been reduced to 1.1731 mils. If approved, the millage increase would generate $73,880 the first year.

The township’s 2004-05 budget was approved for $2,902,769. Taxes to be levied total 4.7388: Fixed township operating, 1.1731; fire operating, .7820; police operating, .9467; roads, .3908; street lights (not levied this year); ambulance operating, .9507; and ambulance operating, .4955.

Approved for purchase was a new patrol vehicle for the police department. Expected April 5 from Signature Ford in Clear Lake, the Ford Explorer will cost $20,437.77 (including the trade-in of the 2000 Ford Crown Victoria). The purchase had already been incorporated into the 2004-05 budget.

Also approved for purchase were a maintenance truck, complete with eight-foot plow and dump box, for $27,312, and a tractor for use at the soccer fields and cemetery for $9,231.16.

Wal-Mart was granted a lot split for the purpose of creating three new parcels so that it may sell one as a commercial site and one as a residential site; Wal-Mart will keep the third parcel.

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