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Loss to Roscommon sends Bobcats home for season

The Houghton Lake varsity volleyball team ended its season Saturday with a loss to the Roscommon Bucks in the district volleyball tournament.

The Bobcats dropped two straight games to Roscommon, 15-13 and 15-9 to lose the match.

“The girls played very tough against the Bucks,” coach Jennifer Marshall said. “My setters, Sara Buccilli and Kristen Long, did an exceptional job setting the ball.”

Buccilli had 6 serves, 2 aces, 11 digs and 20 assists in the match while Long added 7 serves, 2 aces, 5 digs and 10 assists. Also contributing for the Bobcats were Rachel Naiukow with 7 serves, 1 ace, 18 digs, 7 hits and 2 kills; Shana Hiser with 2 serves, 14 digs, 5 hits and 1 block; Tiffany Jones with 3 serves, 10 digs, 6 hits, 2 kills and 4 blocks; Amy Chrispell with 4 digs, 4 hits, 1 kill and 4 blocks; Randy Mae Clayton with 2 digs, 2 hits and 1 block; and Erica Fitzgerald with 5 serves, 1 ace and 8 digs.

The Bobcats finished fifth in the Jack Pine Conference.

“The Lady Cats did a great job this season!” Marshall said.

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