2005-06-30 / Front Page

Diving accident hospitalizes two

An Owosso man was injured in the early morning hours of June 25 when he and his brother jumped off a dock into two or three feet of water in Houghton Lake.

According to a Roscommon County Sheriff’s Department report, deputies were dispatched to a water accident in Denton Township in which Jeremy Waugh of Owosso may have broken his neck. Witnesses reported he and his brother, Ryan Waugh, had arrived from the bar when they apparently decided to go skinny dipping at a dock near Dixie Boulevard in Denton Township. Witnesses said the men removed their clothes and dove into the water. They then saw Ryan Waugh holding Jeremy Waugh’s head above water and trying not to move him, as he was not able to feel his legs.

Both men were transported to West Branch Regional Medical Center, stabilized and transferred to a different hospital.

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