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It's About 'TIME'

There is no doubt Michigan's economy is struggling and could use a shot in the arm. Once the unrivaled center of the automotive world, Michigan automakers must now compete on a global scale. More...


Last week's national news was dominated by life-and-death issues: nearly three dozen people killed by a deranged college student, hundreds slaughtered by fanatics in Iraq and a Supreme Court ruling upholding a ban on an especially gruesome type of a More...


Denton Township Trailer Park Goes Ahead After Quiz

"After discussing the protests of a group of Denton Township citizens against the further improvement of the Denton Township Park for use of house trailers, the Township Board this week went ahead with a $6,000 water and sewer project- apparently [w More...

A Selfless Investment

Kudos to the Merritt Area Fire Department and its volunteer firefighters. A press release from the MAFD did not go unnoticed when it came off the fax this week. More...


As I look back on it, four things drove me when I was growing up. The first was a constant struggle to be good or as my dad put it - don't dare be bad. More...

Snowman Contest

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Do you support or oppose Proposal 1, the Michigan Sales Tax Increase for Transportation Amendment, that will be on the May 5 ballot?