2007-07-19 / Letters to the Editor

Residents not given 'right' to vote on franchise fee

I am responding to the Denton Township "franchise fee." or luxury tax levied on the residents of our township. If it was "prudent," according to Mr. Chidester, why were not the people given a chance to vote on it?

In response to the phone call I made to the township offices, I was told that "seasonal" residents would not have been able to vote on it at all. I happen to live here year-round, so the permanent residents were not given that right, either.

When is it a "luxury" to have the enjoyment of cable TV? And the chances of Charter going into bankruptcy is remote at least. Perhaps the fees raised might be going to the proposed lakeside parks the county needs. Maybe they should be running our school system!

Mr. Chidester could use a lesson in math. I am a senior citizen, and I can tell the difference between $324.90 and $189! s/Georgia Frye Prudenville

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