2007-08-09 / Business


June 8-Aug. 3

The following people recently filed certificates of doing business under assumed names with the Roscommon County Clerk (includes renewals):

Charles A. Hershberger, Ferndale: Where, Michigan, Houghton Lake.

William A. Taschner, Houghton Lake, Fought's Resort, Houghton Lake.

David Riebschleger, Prudenville: David Riebschleger Architect, Houghton Lake.

Roland R. Symons, Houghton Lake: Symons Asphalt Seal Coating, Houghton Lake.

William and Jill Songer, Houghton Lake: Songer Electric, Houghton Lake.

Edward N. Frederick, Houghton Lake: E & J Dock Masters and E & J Knives & Swords, Houghton Lake.

Robert Pray, Roscommon: The Fox, Roscommon.

Rick Robinson, Houghton Lake: R & R Trucking, Houghton Lake.

Gwendolyhn R. Anita M. and Donald E. Schmaltz, Prudenville: Prudenville Collectiques, Prudenville.

Harry M. Trier, Houghton Lake: Animals Lawn & Handyman Service, Houghton Lake.

Pat Schroeder, Roscommon: Town & Country Estate Sales, Roscommon.

Steve and Lori Tedford, Houghton Lake: S & L Carpet and Vinyl Installation, Houghton Lake.

Larry Holley, Houghton Lake: Field of Dreams Food Plots, Houghton Lake.

Jeff Barnes, Prudenville: Four Seasons Services, Prudenville.

Deborah S. Smith, St. Helen: P & B Construction, St. Helen.

James Brown, Roscommon: Holistic Balance, Roscommon.

James Schroder, Roscommon, and Kevin Hose, Houghton Lake: Everything Under The Sun (We Do It All), Roscommon.

Richard W. Kollar, Houghton Lake: Four Seasons Body Repair, Houghton Lake.

John C. Higgins, Houghton Lake: Customer Service of Michigan, Prudenville.

Edward, Kevin and Linda Korbinski, Prudenville: Korbinski's Lakeview Motel & Resort, Prudenville.

Carolyn Bednarik, St. Helen: Old Michigan Tobacco & Coffee Co., St. Helen.

Stephen E. Busch, St. Helen: Busch Wackers Live Bait, St. Helen.

Bruce B. Balcom, Roscommon: Innovative Fabrication, Roscommon.

Gary N. McDonald, Roscommon: The Spa and The Spa of Houghton Lake, Houghton Lake.

Duane Bigford, Houghton Lake: Papa's Mowing, Houghton Lake.

Wendy Y. Johnston, Roscommon: CRS & Co., Roscommon.

Paul M. Carrick, Houghton Lake: Tradewinds Resort, Houghton Lake.

Linda Ann Greenway, Grayling, and Mary J. Herbig, Flint: L & M Properties, Prudenville.

Mark L. Gurevitch, Roscommon: Art by Mark, Roscommon.

Julie Tromblay, Prudenville: B & J's Auto, Prudenville.

Thomas Sprague, Roscommon: Sprague Construction, Roscommon.

John Regel, Prudenville: Golden Sales, Prudenville.

William R. Monahan, Westland: A & B Self Storage, Roscommon.

John and Laura A. Chambless, St. Clair: Dragon Fly Lodge, Roscommon.

Edgar V. Hildenbrant, Roscommon: Edgar V. Hildebrant, Roscommon.

Cynthia June (Eichbrecht) Dowell, Prudenville: CJ's Painting and Design, Prudenville.

Thomas Gulick, Roscommon: Fifth Street Storage, Roscommon.

Gary Curtis Rodden, Roscommon: Rent-A-Camp RV Rentals, Roscommon.

Larry B. and Yvonne M. Hovey, Prudenville: Hovey Excavating & Trucking, Prudenville.

George Tomasek, Roscommon: G E O Landscaping, Roscommon.

Malissa A. and Jill A. Blake, Houghton Lake: Beloved Dreamz Dance Studio, Houghton Lake.

William Silver, Houghton Lake: B's-Janitorial Service, Houghton Lake.

Amy Hance, St. Helen: New Reality, Houghton Lake.

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