2007-08-09 / Editorial

Give him a break!

When Houghton Lake Community Schools Superintendent Pete Injasoulian said Monday that he wanted his annual evaluation by the Board of Education open to the public, we admittedly were baffled. Never before has a superintendent requested an open meeting evaluation. But, quite frankly, we now are quite pleased Mr. Injasoulian did what he did because we, the public, get to see how the Board of Education graded his performance.

The six members of the board whose evaluation of Mr. Injasoulian were tabulated collectively gave him a C+. Wow!

Mr. Injasoulian has just completed a task that four other interim superintendents had not been able to accomplish, a contract with the HLEA. He has developed and maintained a team that is keeping the school district's budget on track. He has effectively used his public relations skills to keep the public positive about teachers, students and the school district's finances. He instituted scholarships for teachers to use minigrants to provide programs for students that otherwise wouldn't be funded.

From studying the tabulations of Mr. Injasoulian's evaluation by board members, which are anonymous, it appears two members of the current six member board do not think very highly of Mr. Injasoulian. Those two members ranked Mr. Injasoulian very low in every category. They must be pretty tough taskmasters. We wonder how they'd fair if the tables were turned.

In our opinion Mr. Injasoulian has not been treated fairly by the Board of Education's evaluation process. It was an evaluation form that was used for a former superintendent. It is evident that Mr. Injasoulian's critics are unappreciative of his talents and abilities. The district is improving financially every day, and the district has all of its contracts settled. Those are milestone accomplishments for which Mr. Injasoulian deserves much credit, not disdain from two board members.

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