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By Mickey Richards Roscommon County Animal Shelter Volunteer

I will never understand how you can have an animal be part of your life for almost a decade and when they come up missing you don't go looking for them. This seems to be the case of Checkers, a Husky mix, who we estimate to be 8-10 years-old.

Checkers loves being around people and if you come near his kennel he will talk to you; he is quite the conversationalist. Checkers is much cuter than his picture reveals. As much as we tried to get him to put his ears up, it wasn't happening. The minute we put him back in his kennel, up came his ears. Open the kennel door to try and get a picture with his ears up, down they go. You will just have to take our word for it, he's a cutey. He is hard of hearing (or he may just have selective hearing) and has the beginning of cataracts. It isn't fair that he has been part of a family unit for close to 10 years and now he spends his days on a very hard, cold floor. If you would like Checkers to spend the golden years in a loving home, call the shelter today. Saving one life, might not make a huge difference in the shelter population but it will make a huge difference in that dog's life.

The pale gray and peach coloring of this dilute calico is made even more stunning by the beautiful amber colored eyes. Priscilla is a domestic shorthair, dilute calico, female cat that is about a year old who is good with other cats, very loving and affectionate.

Check out all the animals online at www.romon.petfinder.com or visit the shelter at 685 S. Main, Roscommon. We are open seven days a week from a.m. to 4 p.m. The shelter number is 275-5630.

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