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The other night on the news they reported that one of our finest young men came home from the war. He was one of the lucky ones who came home physically okay. But his mental state was a question. What young person who goes over to a war and sees what they see and have to do to survive would not have horror memories that keep on your mind? In order for him to be discharged on medical, it would have taken nine months, and then the government would be responsible for medical. Instead, they said his mental state was that way before he went over there. They cut him loose right then. What is this United States coming to?

We expect our young people to go to war to keep us free, and yet when they come home they are treated like liars, thieves and con artists. They are looked down upon, not up to. Their families live in poverty. Somebody tell me why? That's my biggest question; Why do we treat our soldiers like that? Thank you for listening, and I hope someone can come up with honest answer.

Debbie Roe Roscommon

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