2008-01-03 / Court News

Kids witness making of yellow snow

Two children making snow tunnels in Roscommon Dec. 28 witnessed a utility meter reader urinating in the snow.

The mother of the one of the children told Roscommon County Sheriff's deputies she came home that afternoon to find her son and his friend giggling. When she asked them what was so funny, they told her they had seen a female Consumers Energy lineman urinating in public.

The woman's son said the employee pulled up to his house, walked around the back of the house and came back, walking toward her truck. He said she looked inside the tunnels and he popped his head out of one of the tunnels and looked at her. She then drove to the next driveway, got out of her truck, squatted and urinated on the ground.

The children said they saw the woman's exposed skin, and later walked over to look at the yellow snow where her truck had been.

The employee told deputies she did not see anyone in the area and that employees are given permission to go to the bathroom while in the field.

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