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2008 Tip-up Town kick-off fun 'operation'

By Cheryl Holladay

TOSSING IN THEIR HATS Poor People's Party candidates Colonel Jigging Jim Debo and Moon Glow Glenny Tiepel threw their hats on the ice Tuesday in bid to become mayor and marshal of Tip-up Town 2008. Election day will be held during the Tip-up Town 2008 Kick Off at Houghton Lake High School Jan. 5. (TRP) TOSSING IN THEIR HATS Poor People's Party candidates Colonel Jigging Jim Debo and Moon Glow Glenny Tiepel threw their hats on the ice Tuesday in bid to become mayor and marshal of Tip-up Town 2008. Election day will be held during the Tip-up Town 2008 Kick Off at Houghton Lake High School Jan. 5. (TRP) Save yourself some "Aggravation" and stay out of "Trouble" by attending the Tip-up Town, U.S.A., Kick-off Saturday. The 2008 event will be located in Houghton Lake High School's auditorium and starts at 7 p.m. Master and Mistress of Ceremonies are Tracy Smith and Chris Sura.

With recent snowfalls, Houghton Lake is like a "Candyland" of winter fun. So, get a "Clue" in the game of "Life." Don't be "Sorry" you got caught in a "Mousetrap" this winter by missing out on the fun of this year's Tip-up Town theme of family board games.

New this year will be the auctioning of the first three numbered badges and banks. This year's bank is a gray and black 1957 Chevy Bellaire. In addition, the 2008 Grand Marshal will be announced, as will this year's badge designer. Dancers from Beloved Dreams dance studio will perform for the audience.

2008 queen candidates Jacci Dankert and Julie Newman 2008 queen candidates Jacci Dankert and Julie Newman Tip-up Town 2008 has attracted two queen candidates and a set of marshal and mayor candidates who are ready for the festivities.

Jacci Dankert and Julie Newman will vie for this year's crown as Tipup Town queen.

Dankert is a lifelong resident of Prudenville. She has been involved with 4-H as a member for the past 13 years and will soon take over the leadership of craft club. She was named 4-H Queen, and was a previous runner-up as the Roscommon County Fair queen.

Dankert will attend Kirtland Community College this semester to study business. She hopes to own a floral business at Houghton Lake someday.

During the years of attending Tip-up Town, she has witnessed the fun the winter carnival brings to Houghton Lake.

"Tip-up Town was an affordable winter family entertainment that we all enjoyed," she wrote in her application letter. "It was through the many years of participating in these activities I came to know the need for volunteers. This is how I got involved...as a Tipup Town volunteer."

Dankert has worked a badge booth, assisted with the children's games, dressed up as Tip, the TUT mascot, and worked in the Family Fun Tent and at the kick-off.

"...My volunteering not only helped our Chamber of Commerce, but it was very selfrewarding," she said in her letter." I feel giving back to your community by volunteering or donating your expertise is a must in today's world. Every organization operates on limited funding; it only makes sense to give what you can to help out."

Newman, who moved to Houghton Lake three years ago, said she now calls Houghton Lake "home."

"With my relocation to Houghton Lake, I have brought with me my daughter Jenna, who attends Houghton Lake Middle School, and [I] also have a son, Jarid, who is up here every weekend," she wrote in her application.

Although I was once new to the area, I was welcomed with open arms by this community."

Newman attends Mid Michigan Community College, Harrison, and is working toward a degree in law enforcement. She will enter the Kirtland Community College Police Academy this month. She is also an active volunteer firefighter on the Lake Township Fire Department.

She coaches Little League softball at Houghton Lake, and enjoys playing on a women's slow pitch team, sponsored by Shenanigan's.

"Participating in the running for Tip-up Town queen will be exciting and challeng- ing," Newman wrote. "As for why I would like to serve as the TUT queen, I believe that I have the personality and energy to meet and exceed the required responsibilities."

This year's judges are 2006 TUT Queen Karen Patterson, Houghton Lake Chamber of Commerce Vice-president and manager of Basic Communications Walt Painter, Sue Kelly Jacobs of 9 &10 News and Sallie Ratza of ERA, Houghton- Higgins.

Throwing their hats in the ring for marshal and mayor, so far- anyone else up for the challenge?- are "MoonGlow Glenny" Tiepel and "Colonel Jigging Jim" Debo.

"As a long-time Houghton Laker, I will find the magic powers to bless fishing poles, tip-ups, worms and other bait for great fishing," Tiepel said in her initial campaign pledge. "I will rally to make all games a winner, especially for the kids. Walleye, bluegill and perch are my target for my voters if I am elected TUT marshal."

Tiepel said she has lived at Houghton Lake since she was in the first grade when she attended the old Stone School. She is employed with the Department of Human Services, Roscommon County.

She recalls ice skating at Tip-up Town, in the days when the festival rotated locations around Houghton Lake.

"My mother [Glenys] made the first Tip-up Town flag," she said.

While nostalgic about past festivals, Tiepel is looking forward to Tip-up Town 2008.

"Tip-up Town is developing a new face," she said, by bringing back family-friendly activities with an emphasis on kids.

Although she doesn't know the words to the Tip-up Town song, she said, "I guess I'm gonna learn 'em!"

With the snow and ice taking form on Houghton Lake, Tiepel said she and mayor candidate Jim Debo have "already got half of our pledges met!"

Debo said, as a veteran of Tip-up Town and an avid snowmobiler for 36 years, "I feel I have the ability to bring old fashioned fun to Tip-up Town this year."

President of the Houghton Lake Trailblazers for the past four years, Debo has been a member for eight years. He assists in placing signs on trails and the brushing of trails. He is a member of the Denton Township Planning Commission, the Denton Recreation Board and the ORV Task Force. He retired from General Motors after 30 years.

"Let the snow fall," Debo said. "Vote for me for mayor."

So, will Poor People's Party candidates "MoonGlow Glenny" Tiepel and "Colonel Jigging Jim" Debo have a "Monopoly" in Saturday's contest? Will anyone else join them on stage to present a silly skit? Will Newman or Dankert be named Tip-up Town Queen 2008?

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