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Misfortune not fault of community

Last week, Jan. 24, 2008, was the first time I ever felt compelled to write to the editor. I was deeply disturbed by Tracy Bostwick's "You Can't Just Sit There, Do Nothing." However, the letter I wrote was never mailed. I was relieved to know someone else felt as I did when I read Jeff Lake's letter, "Townships weren't to blame."

First of all, let me extend my prayers to Ms. Bostwick's friend who is "fighting to survive." May God grant him the strength and courage to see this thing through.

Ms. Bostwick and her friends were only here to have a weekend of fun; instead, she and her friends experienced a tragedy when a member of her party was involved in a serious snowmobile accident. Her letter vented her frustration toward Denton Township, Roscommon County, the police, the Tip-up Town beer tent and others. I could feel the frustration and anguish in her letter, and I felt very sympathetic until she attempted to instill a sense of guilt and shame into our entire community. Now I take it personal.

To drive her point home, she offered "visuals" of her friend's injuries in eloquent medical detail. The only visuals I needed was when I came across fresh snowmobile wreckage the next morning near what she describes as a "sandbar." As a fellow snowmobiler, I knew something very serious happened.

Ms. Bostwick stated that she and her friends have been coming to Houghton Lake "for over 20 years during summer and winter." She also stated, "We are all familiar with the lake." That so-called sand bar has been there for at least over a decade, and in the summer it supports vegetation. One can see it for over a mile. In my vocabulary, I would describe it as a small island, even though its not on any maps I have seen.

Ms. Bostwick, l understand that we need to pass blame or look for answers when bad things happen to good people; however, I take umbrage at the suggestion that your misfortune was the fault of our community. If someday that "sand bar" is declared an island, perhaps the cartographers can name it "Tracy's Island." Then you will know it's out there and you can feel responsible to advise your friends, because "You can't just sit there, do nothing."

s/Dale Rumsley Prudenville

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