2008-02-28 / Court News


Sherry Palm

Sherry Palm, 83rd District Court Magistrate, assessed fines to the following during the period of Jan. 1 through Feb. 5:

Michigan State Police

Driving with a suspended license, first offense: Justin R. Agbay, $350.

Roscommon County Sheriff

Driving with a suspended license: Krystal K. Graham, $250.

Roscommon County Marine Patrol

Operating a personal watercraft after designated hours: Daniel L. Riggs, $105.

Department of Natural Resources

Operating a personal watercraft after designated hours: Robert R. Johnson, $200.

Fishing without a license, resident: John A. Michalik, $170; Rosemary Thelen, $105; and Matthew H. Hayashi, $155.

Transporting or possessing a shotgun with buckshot or slug without a license: Michael J. Wright II, $155.

Baiting violations: John E. Richardson, $97.50.

Removing rocks or stones from public property: Calin M. Lucas, $240.

Snowmobile not registered: James E. Kalasz III, $100; Fredy J. Dell, $100; Mark T. Rich, $85; Wayne B. Sharpe, $85; Tyler C. Cutsinger, $85; Julie A. Pinwar, $85; Jeffrey S. Nielson, $85; Angela L. Mathews, $85; Douglas H. Squanda, $85; Matthew C. Wilson, $85; and Ryan M. Bierlein, $85.

No snowmobile trail permit: Joshua M. Cone, $75; William R. Davis, $60; Eric A. Wilson, $75; Roger L. Smith, $60; Frank E. Peirsol, $60; Ronald D. Raglin, $60; Brock L. Peirsol, $60; Jack L. Barkley, $60; and Marshall R. Weipert, $60.

Careless or negligent operation of a snowmobile: Brett J. Wickerham, $185; Christopher G. Theuma, $185; Joseph C. Moraschinelli, $185; David J. York, $185; Kevin M. Lange, $185; Joseph E. Crawford, $185; and Kris R. Patterson Jr., $185.

Using too many fishing lines: Said Z. Dadashzadeh, $115; Eric J. Spearman, $115; Howard E. Lewis, $115; Terry J. Woods, $115; Robert K. McLearn, $115; John F. Ritter, $125; Daniel W. Droptiny, $135; Stephen J. Droptiny, $115; and Michael B. Wood, $115.

No helmet while on snowmobile: Harry M. Trier, $100.

Wrong color on snowmobile light: Timothy H. Rogner, $85.

Cutting standing trees or wood without a permit: Robert M. Schleben Jr., $120; and Raymond H. Brooks Jr., $120.

Operating snowmobile on the wrong side/failure to keep right: Shirley J. Mathis, $135.

Roscommon County Animal Control Dog running at large, first offense: Jo Ann Hoke, $145.

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