2008-05-01 / Editorial

Argument failed

It's just human nature to complain, but one observation from listening to thousands of complaints is that very rarely are alternatives offered. If there are no alternatives, do personal attacks become justified? That was the case for two letter writers in last week's Resorter.

One writer suggested that the superintendent's salary is "prohibitive." He suggested that his salary be cut in half. He also claimed that the superintendent was "triple dipping the public feed trough," and that his "work load is minimal what with all the clerical help and orderlies in the front office."

It is easy to understand that that writer has no concept of the responsibility a superintendent of schools must shoulder, nor what the demands of the position require.

The argument failed, so the personal attack becomes the justification.

Mr. Injasoulian and his wife have been extremely generous to the school district. In March of 2007 they established minigrants for teachers to use to fund classroom projects for which there was no district funding. They provided eight grants for $400 each, which came from their personal checkbook. Last August, a week before schools resumed following summer break, the Injasoulians bought carpet for two rooms in the middle school that were in desperate need of new carpeting. By the way, those rooms must be carpeted for asbestos remediation. Many of the rooms have carpet seams that are held together with duct tape, which the district must purchase by the case.

The other letter writer chastised the superintendent for not teaching children "about preservation by taking care of the schools." That's exactly what the schools are doing by seeking a millage to preserve the buildings. Sewer pipe that is 50 years old, made of cast iron and sagging because of age, can't be preserved when it fails. It must be replaced.

The claim that the schools should be teaching security and safety is different than having secure grounds and a safe school environment. We know what can happen to kids in school; we've seen the carnage.

The writer also thinks the superintendent should "spend his time convincing Lansing of his shortfalls." That has been done. The legislators are very aware of the financial situations of school districts within their districts.

The personal attacks on Mr. Injasoulian are unwarranted. He has freely sacrificed his time and his own money for this school district. He doesn't deserve personal attacks. He deserves respect and appreciation for his generosity and dedication.

The letter writers had nothing to offer but personal attacks. Their arguments failed.

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