2008-07-24 / Editorial

Do your part

With 20 letters to the editor this week, the Resorter is full of opinions on items ranging from the Fourth of July to the upcoming primary election.

It is now up to the voters to decide whom and what to vote for on Aug. 5. The Resorter will try to make that job easier with an election preview in our July 31 edition. It is imperative that voters take that information and cast their vote.

The average voter turnout for townships in Roscommon County in the 2004 primary was 32%. Not one township surpassed 50%. That means that half of your neighbors, colleagues and friends did not vote.

Not voting takes away your governmental franchise. While there is nothing that can take away a non-voters right to be involved, if you don't vote your right to complain should be diminished. It becomes a case where someone sits back and complains but does nothing about the problem.

Being informed prior to the vote is also possible. In addition to news reports, voters can view a sample ballot at their township or by visiting www.michigan. gov/vote. The deadline to register to vote has passed but absentee ballots are still available. The polls will be open Aug. 5 from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Do your part - get informed and get out and vote.

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