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'Biggest' Bud Bash leads to higher number of arrests

By Thomas Reznich, Glenn Schicker and Cheryl Holladay

BIG BASH People and boats congregate around the dock at the Limberlost Saturday afternoon during Bud Bash 2008. Limberlost owner Bob Hallauer said with over 5,000 attending this year's event, it was the biggest Bud Bash ever. (Photo by Thomas Reznich, Aerial vantage point by Louis Champeau) BIG BASH People and boats congregate around the dock at the Limberlost Saturday afternoon during Bud Bash 2008. Limberlost owner Bob Hallauer said with over 5,000 attending this year's event, it was the biggest Bud Bash ever. (Photo by Thomas Reznich, Aerial vantage point by Louis Champeau) With more than 5,300 customers coming through the door at the Limberlost Saturday, Bud Bash 2008 was the biggest ever, according to Limberlost owner Bob Hallauer. But while most of the guests had a good time during the event, State Police reported a higher number of arrests than last year during the event that includes a large party on Houghton Lake.

State Police Sgt. Robert Green said that of the 152 arrests related to Bud Bash 2008 logged by officers from his department, the Roscommon County Sheriff Department, Denton Township Police and Department of Natural Resources conservation officers, there were 118 misdemeanor arrests, 22 felony arrests and 12 arrests for operating a motor vehicle or watercraft while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The arrests were made between July 31 and Aug. 3.

State Police personnel worked 796.5 hours, including 359.5 overtime hours, 119 patrol hours, 572.5 complaint hours and 181 boat hours.

Felony arrests included a case of third degree criminal sexual conduct handled by the Denton Township Police, who said a 27- year-old Livonia woman reported that she was sexually assaulted by a 25-year-old man from Leslie while on a pathway near Detroit Avenue Saturday evening. The suspect was arrested and lodged in Roscommon County Jail.

State troopers on boat patrol reported that at around 10 p.m. Saturday, they "observed a female pull her top down exposing her bare breasts." They reported she "then was thrown a bead necklace."

When confronted by officers "she admitted to showing her breasts advising that they are hers and she should be able to show them if she wants to." The woman was arrested for indecent exposure and taken to the Houghton Lake Post, where officers said she became belligerent and was charged with being a disorderly person, then transported to the Roscommon County Jail.

Green said Bud Bash 2008 was more boisterous and violent than in previous years, and that some attendees appeared to be more vocal and quarrelsome to both law enforcement personnel and other party goers. He also said he saw more litter on Sunday morning after the party than in previous years.

A 39-year-old West Branch man was critically injured in a diving accident on a dock at the end of Detroit Avenue in Denton Township Aug. 2.

Witnesses told Roscommon County Sheriff's deputies Terry A. Zettel had been drinking heavily before he dove head-first off a pontoon boat. He was turning blue and not breathing when his wife and another person pulled him from the water.

Zettel was taken by ambulance to the Knights of Columbus Hall in Prudenville, where he was picked up by a helicopter and taken to St. Mary's Hospital, Saginaw. Deputies said Zettel suffered neck and spinal injuries and was still listed in critical condition the next day.

In other cases handled by deputies during the Bud Bash, two brawlers broke a dock near the Limberlost Bar Aug. 2. Witnesses said a 31-year-old Macomb Township man without permission came aboard a pontoon boat which had been rented by a 25-year-old Houghton Lake resident. When the intruder was asked to leave, he jumped on the other man's back, choking him and holding him in a head lock. The men tumbled onto the dock, which broke and fell into the water.

The Macomb Township man was cited for violating probation by engaging in assaultive behavior, consuming alcohol and associating with known felons.

A 21-year-old Clinton Township woman was arrested after she allegedly assaulted a deputy in Roscommon Township Aug. 2.

Deputies stopped a vehicle on M-55 near Barcombe Avenue after they saw it cross the center line of the highway. The driver passed sobriety tests, but back seat passengers appeared inebriated, deputies said.

A records check showed the Clinton Township woman was wanted for probation violation in Macomb County. Deputies said the woman hit one officer twice, the second time knocking a portable breath tester out of his hand. She allegedly resisted deputies as they removed her from the car. Deputies cited her for assaulting a police officer and probation violation.

Also arrested for assaulting an officer was a 39-year-old Prudenville man who was spraying revelers with a fire extinguisher. The stream hit a marine deputy who was passing by on a patrol boat.

A complaint of people urinating and littering in public at Glen's Market in Denton Township led to three arrests Aug. 2.

As deputies were arresting an 18-year-old Mt. Morris man for being a minor in possession of alcohol, two other youths from Mt. Morris approached deputies and asked what was going on with their friend. Neither of the shirtless men had an identification card, but both had their last names tattooed on their backs. Both had been drinking, deputies said. A 15- year-old suspect was turned over to a Probate Court officer. Another suspect, who said he was 17 years old, was initially arrested, but when deputies discovered he really was only 16, they also turned him over to Probate officers.

In another incident, a Haslett man was arrested Saturday at the Bud Bash for assault after witnesses said he threw some trash into their boat. Witnesses said the 23- year-old was confronted by one of the party-goers on the boat and the suspect punched the victim in the face.

In a separate incident, deputies seized the torso of a male mannequin that was being used as a beer bong. The 40-year-old man suspected of owning the object was arrested for displaying an indecent form of a human body.

Denton Township Police and state trooper assisted deputies with some of the cases.

Not all the weekend mayhem was confined to the Houghton Lake area. A Lyon Township resident Aug. 3 reported a man and a woman were lying on the beach at Phoenix Park, drinking heavily. The witness said the people were clothed, but engaging in sexual acts.

When deputies arrived, they found a 45-year-old Midland man leaning on a parked car and a 44-year-old Midland woman naked inside the vehicle. Both appeared intoxicated, deputies said.

The married couple told deputies they stopped to see Higgins Lake on their way home from a concert. The husband was arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior and his wife for indecent exposure.

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