2008-09-11 / Letters to the Editor

Board needs to designate roads

The recent "Richfield Township ORV Questionnaire," requesting information on the proposed use of ORV's, has lumped golf carts with them. They are not the same. Golf carts are not as loud, not as fast, do not have the destructive power as an ORV, do not pollute as much and are generally used by older or handicapped individuals. Unlike ORV's, they are used to travel to the lake, dock, get their mail down to the street or visit neighbors. Except when a few parents who let their kids use them just for a joy ride, they do little harm to anyone.

The questionnaire should have two columns, one for ORV's and one for golf carts to get a more accurate idea on how the Richfield Township citizens really feel on this subject. Ask them if only licensed drivers should use them. Ask them if they would let the individual subdivisions decide if they would allow golf carts on subdivision roads only.

Eighty percent of the property owners in Richfield Township could care less about ORV's and golf carts. They don't own them, don't drive them and for sure don't want them flying by their homes at all hours of the night. So why include them in a questionnaire? We know their answers.

The board has a job to do, and the first one is to protect those 80% of property owners. The board also has another job to do. That is to designate certain roads in certain subdivisions and certain lake associations and different outdoor groups in Richfield Township the right to their weekend enjoyment with their ORV's and golf carts.

The board also must try to create new jobs and new revenue to help the businesses in Richfield Township. They must go out of their way to help get more tourists to come to St. Helen and then come back again with their ORV's.

This questionnaire is "the best story told" why St. Helen has so many vacant stores and struggling businesses. s/Ray Oatman St. Helen

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