2009-02-19 / Letters to the Editor

Pappas' actions show contempt

Roscommon County Road Commissioner George Pappas in his zealous cries of unethical behavior has extended beyond his fellow commissioners and is targeting the road commission manager. I have always strongly believed that "people who live in glass houses don't throw stones." Commissioner Pappas believed a private e-mail, between two other people, in which his name was referenced, was sufficient reason to demand that the computer be seized and the hard drive exhumed and examined. Was this demand intended for payment with taxpayer dollars? This is just another example of his contempt for public dollars, as well as his contempt for his coworkers. During this public display on Feb. 12, it appeared that Commissioner Pappas attempted at every curve to demeanor the road commission manager and belittle the great job Mr. O'Rourke has done for this community. The RCRC has moved our community forward. Taxpayer problems are being addressed and resolved with dignity. We have a huge stimulus package on the horizon that needs to be dealt with. We the people cannot afford to step back and allow personal vendetta's to occupy taxpayer time. You, Commissioner Pappas, are on our clock. We charged you to do RCRC business. Get to the work at hand. Dorothy Sunman Prudenville

(Editor's note: In 2008, Sunman sought to recall Pappas from office, but 34th Circuit Judge Michael J. Baumgartner enjoined the Roscommon County Election Commission from ruling on the clarity of the proposed petiion language because he said it had been filed in the wrong form.)

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