2009-03-05 / Editorial

Record winter

The winter of 2008-09 will go into the record books as the ninth coldest since records were kept starting in 1913, and it is the wettest winter on record. Our temperatures were 3.8 degrees below the mean temperature in December and 7.4 below in January. February warmed up to a whopping .7 of a degree higher mean temperature.

Yup, it's been a cold winter and the snowbirds are laughing about the poor souls who couldn't or didn't want to escape this record season. Relief from the below zero conditions we have had the past few days is just a day away and we hope that Spring indeed arrives March 20th. We change to daylight savings Sunday, unfortunately Mother Nature doesn't pay much attention to our clocks or calendars.

Don't lose hope, warmer weather is just around the corner ... so are mosquitoes, black flies and other warm weather pests.

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