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Opposing view to 'Obama second term' letter

Responding to the sarcastic letter written by Don Mainprize of Houghton Lake, I draw issue with many of his points. Starting with his first point to "get the poor and middle class" on the side of the president. First, there is no such class as the "poor" class; however there is a working class. Also Mainprize disregards the known fact that most working and middle class families align themselves with the Democratic Party.

This is not the only time Mainprize unintelligently states that President Obama needs to "gain" a group of people. Mainprize states in points two, three, and fifteen that Obama needs the support of the Latino community, labor, and what appears to be, just general contributors. Again, Mainprize negates any knowledge of the sociology of political affiliation. The Latino argument is wrong because there was never a question of Latinos going Republican. However, the argument was whether the majority of the Latino community would vote for Clinton or Obama in the primary season. As for labor, the community is backed by unions who, once again, are overwhelmingly Democratic in affiliation.

Also the claim that Obama needs to gain contributors for a 2012 re-election win is wholly inane. Mainprize needs to look at the vast amount of contributions that were made to his 2008 campaign and realize that under the rules of campaigning that the winning candidate does not give back the accumulated war chest.

Moving from that I must bring up points four thru eight; in these points Mainprize has a common theme of the Obama Administration needing to keep groups blind to his flaws or to "stifle" organizations or media that go against him. Personally, I am not aware of a person who would get their start from an area like community organization, only to later try to quiet them and stop the reform they are trying to accomplish. The claim that Obama is trying to quiet the media, it is totally illogical because of the fact that a person cannot even turn on ESPN, let alone actual news stations, without hearing of President Obama. The argument of "localism" is as well illogical because of the fact that local radio stations such as CMU public radio still report on national events and the effects that they have on the community.

To be brief about point nine; I think the American public wants and deserves the top people to lead their country. As far as Obama's hypothetical "Keynesian" playmates, I think Mainprize was going for Kenyan and they are as existent as Obama's relationship with his father. My response to points eleven and seventeen go as follows. There are not any "czar" positions in the Obama administration, and the town hall meetings that had individuals brandishing weapons needed to be broken up for safety reasons. Also as far as Palin is concerned, she is a self-destructive candidate and 2010 means nothing.

Ian Moloney

Houghton Lake & Central Michigan University

(Editor's note: The mainstream media in Washington D.C. and New York have used the term "czar" to describe titles of people in positions for which no Senate confirmation is required and who are not of cabinet member status. The "Green Jobs" czar Van Jones recently resigned that position following controversy over his former political affiliations and statements.)

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