2009-12-24 / News

Deputies nab fleeing probationer

Two Roscommon County Sheriff’s deputies suffered bruised knees as they struggled to subdue a man who fled the Circuit Court probation office in the Roscommon County Courthouse Dec. 17.

Probation Officer Doug Catrell told deputies he detained the 29-year-old Roscommon man in his office for probation violation after he reported for a drug test and it showed positive for methamphetamine use. Catrell said the man also was suspected of supplying drugs to a woman who was involved in a serious traffic accident. Catrell requested that the sheriff’s department transport the man to the county jail, but before deputies arrived, the man bolted from Catrell’s office.

Catrell pursued the man into the courthouse hallway, where both lost their footing. Catrell fell, and the probationer ran into a wall. A deputy on courthouse security detail took the man to the floor, but he struggled free and headed for an exit. A second deputy grabbed the man. He continued to struggle, but the two deputies eventually were able to subdue him.

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