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Adoptable Pets

By Mickey Richards Roscommon County Animal Shelter Volunteer

Roscommon County Animal Control was recently called out by the Denton Township police only to find an unrecognizable dog with a face full of quills. As miserable as the dog must have been, his tail was a wagging, proud of the fact that he had gotten the porcupine. He was taken to the Grayling Hospital for Animals where he was put under anesthesia and most of the quills removed. With a face full of quills he still tried to kiss his rescuers; he knew they were just trying to help. Several days later when we tried taking his photo, we realized he had quills still embedded in his face. He whimpered as we pulled the ones around his nose and eyes but with each one we removed he got a treat and we got a wet slobbery kiss. We thought of naming him Kissy but that wouldn’t do for such a macho kind of dog, instead we named him Huggie. This is one amazing dog who is already neutered, great personality, brave and a great kisser and is looking for a perfect home, hopefully, one without porcupines.

Hooch is one handsome, outstanding cat. He is a white/golden tabby colored Maine Coon. We just got him neutered and he has all the bells and whistles going for him. He is very well mannered, quiet, gentle and loving. Hooch keeps himself well groomed and he has a majestic look about him. He is now in the Cat Condo Room and is a little perplexed about being in a room with so many females.

If there ever was a cat needing rescuing it is Yahoo. Yahoo is small for an adult cat. We believe that she is a senior, probably around 8 years old because her teeth are worn and discolored. She is content to just lay around and enjoy the scenery, Yahoo is front declawed and more than likely spayed. She is a real sweetheart and so deserving of a loving home.

The shelter is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and located at 1110 Short Dr., Prudenville. The shelter phone number is 366-0260. All of our pets can be seen by going online to www.romon. petfinder. com.

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