2010-07-01 / Court News

Drivers react to texting while driving ban

By Mike Metzger

Recent HLHS graduate, Alicia Gillman, Prudenville, said that she feels this is a good law. She said that she thinks it will help cut down on the number of accidents recorded. She however did say that texting while driving is like using something else most every car has, the radio. She said that she feels that messing around with your car radio can be just as distracting as using your cellular device. Her plan of action to avoid a ticket is to place her cell phone on silent while driving.

Central Michigan University student, Ian Moloney, says that the new texting law will be much like the speeding law. He said, “Everyone breaks it [the speeding law] this new law [the texting ban] will be like it.” He went on to say that he feels just as we avoid getting a speeding ticket, drivers will get better at hiding they are texting while driving. He said that abstaining from texting will obviously be the best choice to avoid a ticket. However, he said that he will most likely become a little craftier while texting adding that if he sees a cop he will just simply drop his phone.

Liz Lemire, Houghton Lake, who is in her first year of driving said that she feels that it is “a lot safer for people to not use phones while driving.” She said that this law is completely fair and that she feels it should be applied in all states. Her plan of action is much like Gillman’s in that she will continue placing her phone on silent and waiting to park her car to use her phone.

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