2010-07-08 / Court News

34th Circuit Court

Judge Michael Baumgartner heard these cases in 34th Circuit Court, Roscommon, July 1:

No. 08-72-7347, Barry McGinnis and Leeann McGinnis vs. Joseph Yacisen and Barbara Yacisen, notice sent for a status conference Aug. 30, and mediation/ trial date will need to be set at the hearing; No. 09-72-7947, Kim Aldrich and Kit E. Price vs. Randy Aldrich, et al, final pretrial was adjourned to July 20, and motion for summary disposition was already scheduled and filed; No. 09-72-8164, Lyon Township vs. Large D, LLC, et al, notice sent for Aug. 30 settlement conference (case progressing and judgment is being finalized); No. 09- 72-7797, Nora L. Wills and Ann Wills, vs. Homeowners Insurance Company, notice sent for jury trial to be heard by Judge Eugene I. Turkelson (Oct. 14); No. 09-72-8030, Lora L. Couts vs. Theresa MacKenzie, notice sent for Oct. 12 jury trial; No. 09-72-8070, Nora L. Wills, per Tasha Brian, vs. Richard Kristof, et al, attorneys met in chambers for settlement conference, and a notice was sent for a status conference Sept. 16 before Judge Eugene I. Turkelson, with a jury trial set for Sept. 22; No. 09-72-8200, Robert R. Rogers and Lois A. Rogers vs. Lyon Township, et al, notice sent for Åug. 30 settlement conference (case is progressing and judgment is being finalized); No. 08-72-7414, Barbara Brandt vs. Party Express, LLC, and Christine Bowman, status conference held in chambers via phone; No. 09-72-7911, Dora Kelsey vs. Roscommon County Road Commission and Roscommon Township, attorneys met in chambers and a motion hearing was set for Aug. 2; No. 09-72-7971, Jesse L. Baker vs. Tyler J.A. Herzberg, status conference held in chambers; No. 09-72-8344, William L. Altemus vs. Robert E. Brown and Shirley E. Brown, motion for default judgment was granted and the default judgment to quiet title was submitted and signed (closing the case); and No. 10-72-8632, Symetra Assigned Benefits vs. Defendant No.1, motion for transfer of structured settlement was granted (order was submitted and signed, closing the case).

Lawsuits filed

No. 10-72-8656, Lynn Beverage, as next friend of John Doe, a minor, Prudenville, vs. Robert Edward White, Robert W. Good, Mary A. Good and Neighborhood Christian Holiness Church, negligence; No. 8680, Debra Tonda vs. Auto Owners Insurance and Home Owners Insurance, order granting defendant’s motion to change venue regarding breach of contract complaint; No. 8681, Capital One Bank (USA) N.A., vs. Joseph Frankowski, debt collection complaint; No. 8683, Quinton Scott Gasper vs. Secretary of State, petition for restoration of driver’s license; and No. 8686, Thomas R. Crabtree vs. Stephen P. Press and Lorri L. Press, land contract debt collection complaint.

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