2010-09-16 / Letters to the Editor

‘No mosque at Ground Zero!’

In response to Glenn Schicker’s comments, I ask him to check all the facts pertaining to the proposed Cordoba Project mosque near Ground Zero. He is calling us Christians “schizophrenic” for opposing this ridiculous propaganda item. Does he not know that there are now 100 mosques in New York City? He calls this thing “Park 51,” when the Muslim world is calling it what it is, the Cordoba Project. That term means “victory over the Christians” in Cordoba, Spain. Every Islamist in the world recognizes Cordoba as a symbol of Islamic conquest.

The leader of this project will not denounce fanatical Islamic terrorists, he will not denounce Sharia law, and he has said that America basically deserved what happened on 9-11-01. Yes some signs show the word “Sharia” in dripping blood, but don’t you think a woman bleeds when she is stoned to death for adultery? Or does a person bleed when his/her arm is cut off for stealing?

When will Muslim countries allow Christian churches or synagogues in their countries? Why can’t a Christian or Jew visit Mecca? Why won’t Michelle Obama travel with her husband to Turkey or Saudi Arabia? Because a wife cannot travel with her Muslim husband to a Muslim country that practices Sharia law! Check it out for yourself.

We are being told to be “tolerant” to these folks, when almost all of them are extremely intolerant of any other religion. Wake up people! I don’t care if they build the 101st mosque in NYC, but there is only one reason they want it at Ground Zero. Just to rub our noses in it. So Glenn, please study the thing out rather than take your liberal friend’s ideas to heart.

No mosque at Ground Zero! Wesley Evoy Houghton Lake

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