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Adoptable Pets

By Mickey Richards
Roscommon County Animal Shelter Volunteer

Last week was a slow week for adoptions at the shelter. Every pet featured last week, Ms. Mittens, JoAnn and Smokey, are still at the shelter. Rocket, the yellow lab/Shar Pei mix went to rescue. Our shelter is at capacity. We needed to make some room and the rescue just loved Rocket. Hopefully, he will soon find his forever home.

Here are some cold, hard facts about what is going on with shelter animals. In August alone, we took in 71 cats plus 17 that were brought in as owner surrenders or strays that people found. That is 88 cats on top of the cats that were already housed at the shelter. Under normal circumstances, adopting out 17 cats in one month would be awesome but that didn’t even make a dent in our population.

As far as dogs go, we had 34 dogs picked up by animal control. We had 17 owner surrenders. That totals 51 on top of the dogs that were already at the shelter and we adopted out only 17. Sometimes, we are left with no other choice but to put animals to sleep. It is not our choice but is the grim reality of shelter life. We work extremely hard to find homes or rescues to take some of our dogs and cats but with these kind of numbers our resources have been stretched to the limit. Remember this when you are considering giving up your dog or cat, especially seniors, we can only perform so many miracles. We would love to be able to save them all.

We need to classify Charlie as urgent and needing to find a home or a rescue as soon as possible. Charlie has been at the shelter for some time. When we are full, if we don’t find a rescue to take him or adopt him out, we will have no other choice but to put him to sleep. Charlie is already neutered, housebroken, great with kids and other dogs and is okay with cats. He is, however, leery of men. This is something that can be worked out with understanding and building trust between dog and man. Please don’t let Charlie become a sad statistic. He is smaller than a lab, brindle in color and weighs around 65 lbs. Charlie would make a great family dog.

Moose is about a year old and looks like he could possibly be a purebred. He needs some work, he still very young, just barely a year old and needs to be neutered but he has so much potential. His picture doesn’t do him justice because he is one handsome boy. His owner said that he is great with kids, is housebroken and he gets along fine with their other dog. Moose sees himself as the big brother to MoJo and is very protective of him when other dogs are around. It would be the best for both dogs if they were adopted out separately. Moose has to weigh 80-90 pounds and needs someone who is going to show him that they are in control. He is a very good dog but he is strong and needs work on a leash.

If Moose isn’t what you are looking for, we seem to be having a run on black labs and beagles. You are sure to find a lab that fits the bill for you and your family.

Ebony needs to be an only cat. He is already neutered and current on vaccines. He is a beautiful tuxedo cat that just likes to be left alone. Ebony is also urgent. He has been at the shelter since Jan. 1, 2010 and he has had to stay in his small cage because he doesn’t get along with the other cats and he is starting to go a little stir crazy.

The shelter is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. We are at 1110 Short Dr., Prudenville, and the shelter phone number is 366-0260. Check out all the shelter animals by going to www. romon.petfinder.com.

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