2010-10-28 / Editorial

Vote no on #1

On next Tuesday’s ballot is Proposal 1 asking voters whether Michigan needs another Constitutional Convention convened, which would open the constitution for total change and adoption by the electorate. The estimated cost for this process is $45 million.

We oppose opening the constitution to change at this point. The current document is 50 years old and has served the citizens well. Changes have been made through the amendment process and supreme court decisions have altered a few of its precepts. So at this point we see little reason to expend $45 million when the state’s coffers are dryer than Death Valley.

Convening a constitutional convention would open a Pandora’s box of special interest groups looking to legitimize a singular cause with limited general benefit for all citizens.

A no vote will save Michigan’s financially ailing taxpayers millions of dollars, which is of more importance at this time than tweaking a living, working document. Vote no on Proposal 1.

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