2010-10-28 / Letters to the Editor

Support local animal welfare programs

by TV commercials for national and, now, world animal rescue groups. I was going to write in the spring when it seemed like every other commercial was for an animal welfare group, but then our own Roscommon County Animal Shelter Director, Terry MacKillop,

produced an excellent public service announcement asking that we donate to Halloween our own local shelters.

This letter is to remind those with a generous heart and pocketbook that we have two worthy organizations in our own county who could use any and all financial donations. They do not ask us to “adopt” an animal for a monthly fee, nor do they spend their funds on countless TV advertising asking us for these very donations.

If you wish to donate to help save countless abandoned, surrendered, and injured animals, domestic or wild, please have your funds remain in our county. The Roscommon County Animal Shelter and the Association to Rescue Kritters are right here and could use our help. We know where these funds go. We can visit these facilities any time.

Mickey Richards, shelter volunteer, keeps us well informed on the needs of the shelter with her column in this newspaper. She updates us on the uses of these donations. We know from her recent column the spaying and neutering programs have worked! Keep it up, county! Spay and neuter your pets!

And please if you are going to support an animal welfare group, make it a local one, preferably in Roscommon County.

Emma Krulc Roscommon

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