2010-12-30 / Editorial

Another year’s end

Our Opinion

At the end of each year the Resorter recaps many of the bigger stories that were published in the prior 52 editions, a compilation that becomes valuable as a quick search resource in the future. If it was a big story maybe it made the yearend recap, then maybe again it didn’t. Our story selections are subjective according to criteria the person assigned the task employs.

One of the most striking story topics that is realized after searching several issues is the number of stories and photos we have each year that are either check passings or proceed presentations from benefits for various organizations. We’ve never taken the time to total up the value of each of these stories or photos but we would guess it would amount in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We’d say our good news reports far outweigh the bad news, even for the most cynical judge of the stories. But that’s a reflection of our communities and our residents. We enjoy communities of caring and giving people, more than willing to help when help is needed. So our year end reviews remind us of the good things we do as communities and reaffirm our belief that we are the most live and work in Roscommon County.

There were many incidents in the past year that we would just as soon not have had to report, or wish that circumstances were different. That’s the nature of people, we don’t enjoy bad news.

We also become the repository of the year’s history as published in the 1,200 plus pages we published in the past year. It’s a history of the good and the bad. We have volumes of history of Roscommon County in our morgue, a valuable resource for future generations.

We won’t make any predictions for 2011. Our crystal ball has been too murky in the past to claim any degree of accuracy. However, we will continue this annual exercise in another year and that is not just a prediction, it’s a guarantee. We take our responsibilities seriously even though we have to relive many things we’d just as soon not. But, they are part of who we are and what we do, too - good or bad.

We wish you the best in 2011 and hope you only find good news in the coming year. Happy New Year.

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