2011-01-13 / Letters to the Editor

Political agenda?

Agenda in politics? Nothing new you say? I just walked out of the Village of Roscommon Council Meeting before I said something to get me thrown out.

The new Village manager is doing a great job, in my opinion, of sorting through the politics and trying to appease all the powers to be.

At tonight’s meeting it was quite obvious, blatantly obvious, that one member of the council has a grudge against the manager and his position. It is equally obvious this council member likes nothing the manager is attempting to do to better our community.

In the beginning: The manager is attempting to make a few things happen in as quick a fashion as possible. Okay, he failed to find a local person to bid a job at hand. I agree that all jobs should go local if at all possible with all things being equal. I would ask the council member who berated the new manager, outwardly belittled and publicly humiliated him, the purpose of his actions?

Was it genuinely to give a job to a local business? If so, why did he not give the information regarding this business to the manager to ensure local business bidding? Certainly this council member was well aware of the actions being taken by the manager to move this project onto the fast track. I was aware and I am not a member of the council. I learned of it at past council meetings.

Previously this council member made it obvious that he was dismayed at not receiving an interview for the Village manager position. The manager in place had nothing to do with that appointment. He was the most qualified and is doing his best to move things forward.

You cannot make yourself look the better person by publicly dragging someone else down. You must be part of the solution to prevent becoming part of the problem.

The council meeting goes on even as I type, but I am not there. My disappointment with the council member who orchestrated this menagerie made it impossible for me to witness such a charade silently. Out of respect for our governing style I silently left the meeting.

Kathleen Pardo-Carlson

Village of Roscommon

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