2011-03-03 / Letters to the Editor

Saddens writer to see loss of generation

As always on Thursday, I collect your paper, lay back and begin to read column after column to find something interesting in sports, county activities and at the very end, I look in your Obituaries to see if we may have missed the passing of a friend or a person we just knew and of course my wife and I usually do. It saddens me to see us going through the loss of another generation. People that gave something back, meaningful accomplishments great or small. They are greatly loved by someone, a wife, a father, mother, sons and daughters, sisters and brothers. In remembrance they left behind joy, a smile, laughter and a whole bunch of sunshine that we still living will remember always. The thoughts of the good deeds, big or small, that these people accomplished in their lifetime. The veterans of a war that gave their all so we could retain our freedom and our way of life. The heroes in our armed forces, our fire departments and police department. Sometimes we just seem to forget that these people are the ones that made America what it is today. They gave their all to give the next generation a chance to be the next leaders. I know I will remember their deeds no matter how big or small. I still remember the struggles that my grandparents told me about in their lifetime and in comparison they left us in great shape.

David S. Walenski


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