2011-04-14 / Letters to the Editor

Township’s budget figures questioned

As reported recently by the Resorter’s Krista Tacey, Richfield Township Supervisor Jim VanWormer indicated that the public safety budget will decrease by $30,000 and the fire, ambulance and law enforcement budgets will decrease by about $10,000 each. These amounts are substantially different than the amounts reflected in the Richfield Township proposed budget for 2011-12 provided to the taxpayers at the annual budget meeting held on March 22. When you take the proposed budget expenditures and subtract the actual year-to-date expenditures you get the following increase/ decrease in expenditures for each of these funds; public safety - $167,674 increase; law enforcement - $75,023 decrease; fire - $84,736 increase; ambulance - $117,573 increase.

In addition, the proposed 2011-12 budget for the law enforcement fund includes another $65,000 (same as fiscal 2010-11) transfer from the general fund to provide additional revenue required since expenditures exceed revenues. Part of these funds will be combined with a USDA car grant to purchase the township’s seventh police vehicle. Including this vehicle, the township will own two Tahoes and five patrol cars.

Finally, I find it rather unusual that the supervisor’s, clerk’s and treasurer’s increased annual salary of $21,539 each is less than what Director of Public Safety Brad Bannon’s secretary gets paid.

Bob Pfaff

Maple Valley

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