2011-05-12 / Letters to the Editor

Slow down; ‘Leave no trace’

Houghton Lake Boy Scout Troop 955 completed their spring roadside clean up on Emery Road May 10th to help with their part of keeping Roscommon County beautiful.

Let me start off by saying how disappointed I am in the number of passing vehicles that took no consideration in slowing down to a safe and cautious speed while passing through the clean up site. The scout troop as well as adult helpers volunteered their time as well as risked their lives to pick up the trash that inconsiderate drivers had either thrown out of their car windows or allowed to blow out of truck beds or trash trailers. A total of 14 large bags of trash as well as other items were picked up. In my opinion, that’s pretty sad.

The scout troop and the other adult volunteers were dressed in highly visible construction vests as well as chase vehicles with their four-way flashers on to warn on coming traffic of something happening up ahead. Yet no consideration of slowing down occurred for the most part.

I could honestly count on one hand the number of people that did slow down to a safe and cautious speed and to those courteous drivers,

I say “Thank You.”

So please, the next time you see a roadside clean up happening and not necessarily just the Boy Scout Troop, put yourselves in their positions and think about your speed and slow down to a safe speed.

Please feel free to practice one of our Boy Scout troop motto’s of “leave no trace” which would take care of whole roadside clean up issue.

Jerry Betts

Asst. Scoutmaster

Boy Scout Troop 955

Houghton Lake

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