2011-06-30 / Letters to the Editor

County obligated to decrease risk

This is in response to Mr. Blasky (Resorter, June 23, 2011) and his crusade to save his hunting reserve. The airport has state land on three sides but the only way to access that hunting land is by paddling up the Cut River then hiking through the swamp or trespassing across posted private land. There are only three parties that own land that borders that state land. One parcel of that private land belongs to Mr. Blasky. The only citizens who really heavily hunt the state land surrounding the airport are Mr. Blasky and those he invites to join him.

Can someone please explain to me how shooting Mr. Blasky’s “private herd” is going to hurt the economy? The pilots that fly into the airport provide a boost to the economy 365 days a year. The deer hunters will still come because they could never hunt this area anyway. Unless we all write Mr. Blasky a letter asking permission to cross his property, in order to hunt the state land and help boost economy.

Roscommon County is obligated to try and decrease the risk for injury to the flying community. The 20-30 deer that graze next to the runway pose a considerable risk to the airplanes and the passengers. As we all know, deer are unpredictable. There is a big difference when a deer hits a 4,000 lb. car vs. a 1,200 lb. airplane. An airplane comes in for a landing at around 60-90 mph, it is unable to swerve, it can’t stop abruptly and it is not equipped with airbags. The risk for injury and the monetary damage incurred are not comparable. The county must act on this documented concern now because if they don’t and some unlucky pilot’s family sues it will prove to be very costly for that pilot’s family and Roscommon County.

It comes down to the worth of human life versus the worth of an animal’s life. The deer that will be harvested will be donated to the food bank to feed hungry local families. It is time for us to take care of our own.

I’m sorry to inform you, Mr. Blasky, but you are not the only pilot to ever have totaled an aircraft at that airport either and when accidents can be prevented or the risk lessened it should be.

Steven Tyler

Spooner, WI

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