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Adoptable Pets

By Mickey Richards Roscommon County Animal Shelter Volunteer

Tired, exhausted, fatigued, weary, happy and ecstatic are all words that will describe shelter employees after this past weekend. Long hours of hustle and bustle to make sure that all of the animals at our shelter and several surrounding shelters, along with rescue groups from Northern Michigan, were spayed and neutered thanks to Michigan State School of Veterinary Medicine’s Dr. Chadwick and 27 of her students. Fourth year veterinary students are selected to participate in a program where they go to various areas in the state offering to alter shelter animals for a minimal fee. The students are given such a wonderful opportunity to hone their surgical skills and how to work with even the most difficult of animal patients. Late into the night they worked to finish the 160 dogs and over 80 cats they started early Saturday morning, only to start bright and early Sunday morning to finish more animals. Kudos to all the students, volunteers and to all of those who donated food and lodging. You made it a very successful event.

Now you can benefit from their learning experience by adopting a dog or cat that has been already altered. Hoping to offer incentive to all new prospective adopters, we are offering a special on all spay and neutered dogs with current rabies and up-to-date immunizations for $75. All cats that are altered, with a license, are $30. It’s almost too good to be true.

Conibear came into the shelter by means of a near tragedy. A gas utility worker was working in St. Helen in a desolate area and saw a cat in a conibear trap. This is a trap usually used to trap beaver and otters. The trap was nowhere near water and the cat was found off the side of the road, in the Artesia Beach area. Animal Control Officers believed it was deliberately set to catch stray cats in the area. All traps, normally, must be tagged with the name of the trapper and there was no identification on this trap, not to mention it is not trapping season. For any animal caught in a conibear trap, it is a slow and very painful death. Conibear had an angel watching over her in the fact that she was found on this dirt road by the worker. Her head was turned as the trap snapped closed on her and only caught a portion of her neck. It took the animal control officer and the worker breaking the trap open to get the cat out. She staggered and fell, her breathing labored. It was thought that she might have a broken neck or her windpipe might be crushed. Her wounds luckily were not life threatening and she still staggers when she walks, but we think that it just gives her a little character. Please find it in your heart to give Conibear a chance to know that there are good people out there who really care about an animal’s welfare.

CATapult, really doesn’t have a story that can compare to Conibear’s story. He isjusta6monthold,blackandwhitetabby that came in as a stray and is growing up in the shelter. He is very photogenic with big green eyes, super sweet and is a real purr machine. Time for CATapult to move on and find a home.

Bud is an owner surrender, so we can tell you that he is housebroken, good with other dogs and cats, loves kids but he needs some refinement on his manners. He likes to jump up and greet you and likes to pull on a leash. All of these are issues easily remedied with a little time and patience. Bud is only a year old and still a puppy with a lot of energy that needs a yard where he can run and get rid of some excess energy.

We think Jazzy has some wirehaired terrier (the hair around her face is real fuzzy) and black lab in her background She is around 2 years old, gets along great with cats and absolutely loves little kids. She isn’t very big, around 35-40 lbs. and as big as a beagle. She hates being in a cage but get her out, take her in the play yard and let your kids play with her. She will be in heaven. She’s all black. Please don’t let that keep you from adopting her. She is a beautiful dog with a personality to match.

The shelter is open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. We are at 1110 Short Dr., Prudenville, and the shelter phone number is 366-0260. Check out all the shelter animals by going to www.romon.petfinder.com.

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