2011-07-07 / Editorial

A personal note

Sitting around the dining room table with friends discussing recent activities of Relay for Life two years ago one of the conversationalists asked “What would it take for you to shave your beard off?”

The beard had adorned the mug for 34 or so years.

“Two hundred bucks,” was the reply!

“Well, here’s 10 bucks to get the fund started,” he said as the $10 bill was put into a mug.

The next year’s Relay for Life came around and the $10 bill was still sticking its head out of the mug on the shelf in the corner cupboard. Every time someone opened up the corner cupboard they saw the $10 bill and were reminded it was for Relay of Life, and it was for the loved ones we had lost in the previous few months.

So this past May the $10 bill in the mug was brought up again and the promise to have the beard shaved was again renewed for the required $200 for Relay for Life.

When it was announced a few days later that the beard shaving party was only a few dollars short of its $200 goal the “Old Goat” offered to double the pledge up to another $200 for every dollar raised over the $200 goal.

With that fresh impetus the flood gates were opened and contacts were made nationwide with resulting pledges pouring in and over $1,000 raised with May 25 designated as the “beard shaving party”.

The whole exercise was fun; there was a lot of teasing and a lot of laughs were shared. The shaving was enjoyed by many bystanders as well as a few who wanted to have a turn at the razor. There were no cuts or nicks, just a lot of laughs.

Bare skin, unexposed to the direct air temperature for 34 years was very sensitive to the movement of air, especially cool air, so there was a constant remembrance of what had transpired and why.

The beard is almost back to its former status, insulating an old mug that became the catalyst for a sizable donation to Relay for Life. That is a good thing.

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