2011-07-28 / Court News

83rd District Court Magistrate

Sherry Blaisus, 83rd District Court Magistrate, assessed fines to the following during the period of June 1 through 30:

Department of Natural Resources

Violation of permit – dredging: Edwin G. Harvey, $250

Operating an ORV where prohibited: Michael A. Cox, $150; Ryan D. Iles, $135; Maryanna L. Nadolski, $135; Gary H. Burton, $135; Brent L. Hosner, $135; Ambrose D. Thorp, $150; Ernest G. Diedo, $100; Edward A. Strasburg, $100; Tyler J. Wilson, $135; Mark D. Hambaum, $145; Paul S. Garner Jr., $135; Travis J. Wall, $135; Robert D. Campbell, $135; Larry J. Davis, $135; Michael T. Jockwig, $135; Joseph A. Schultz, $150; Britsol S. Smith, $100; Jeffry D. Decess, $145; and Steven Dimitruck, $135.

No helmet while on ORV: Vincent M. Lucci, $100; Jeremy J. Gasiorowski, 115; and Andrew J. Tokarski, $115.

Roscommon County Sheriff’s Department

No license in possession: Joseph M. Jurkovich, $95.

Driving with a suspended license, first offense: Daniel Olivares, $335; and Whitney M. Washington, $385.

Possession of open intoxicants in a motor vehicle (passenger, second offense): Jonathon P. Rosas, $260.

Roscommon County Animal Control

Cruelty to animals: Trisha A. Roberts, $130 (twice).

Dog or cat without tag or license: Judith A. Apps, $130.

Dog running at large, first offense: Jason E. Graham, $115.

Roscommon County Marine Patrol

Exceeding slow, no-wake within 100 foot of shore in water under three feet rule: Leo A. Rosneck, $145.

Michigan State Police

Driving with a suspended license, first offense: Michael A. Cox, $285.

Richfield Township Police

Minor in possession of alcohol, third offense: Cheyenne W. Mead, complete Impact Weekend and probation.

Denton Township Police

Driving with a suspended license, first offense: Mark L. Coykendall, $360.

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