2011-09-29 / Court News

34th Circuit Court

Judge Michael J. Baumgartner presided in 34th Circuit Court, Roscommon, Sept. 15:

Christopher A. Sperry, 27, Grayling, pleaded guilty to possession of marijuana and will be sentenced Nov. 22. A charge of driving with a suspended license was dismissed.

John J. Boughner, 35, Roscommon, charged with delivery/manufacture of marijuana and breaking and entering, is ready for trial, which was set for Dec. 8.

Thomas V. Garcia, 32, Higgins Lake, pleaded guilty to a probation violation and will be sentenced later.

Brandy L. Lopez, 34, St. Helen, was sentenced on a charge of failure to comply as a sex offender to 12 months in jail (credit for 55 days), $100 in fines and costs, a $50 attorney fee and $198 in other court assessments. She was sentenced to 11 months in jail concurrently (credit for 55 days) and $198 in court assessments after pleading no contest to bringing contraband into prison.

James E. Bacon, 38, Prudenville, pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated, second offense and will be sentenced

Oct. 25.

Nashawn E.M. Burton, 37, West Bloomfield, had been sentenced to a delay of sentence on a marijuana charge and the judge signed an order dismissing the case as Burton’s delayed sentence is up.

Douglas P. Carlton, 24, Harrison, had his probation extended one year. He had been sentenced to a one-year delay of sentence on a breaking and entering charge.

Shaun M. Barnett, 32, Angola, IN, had been sentenced to a delay of sentence on a marijuana charge and the judge dismissed the case as Barnett’s delayed sentenced is up.

Jeremiah R. Smith, 25, Houghton Lake, was sentenced to two one-year delays of sentence and 12 months probation on two counts of delivery/manufacture of marijuana. He was also ordered to pay $500 in fines and costs and $396 in other court assessments.

Eric N. Jensen, 26, Houghton Lake, was sentenced on a charge of attempted failure to comply with sex offender registration act to 57 days in jail with credit for 57 days, $500 in fines and costs and $198 in other court assessments.

Civil cases heard: No. 11-72-9065, Chase Home Finance, LLC, vs. Sherry Stevens and the estate of Michael Stevens, plaintiff’s motion for entry of default judgment was granted and the judgment was submitted and signed; No. 10-72-8780, Rose Acceptance, Inc., vs. Shannon M. Takacs and Kyle M. Scott, no one appeared at the no progress hearing (an order for administrative closing due to bankruptcy was submitted and signed Sept. 12); No. 10-72-8419, Gordon P. Goodell vs. Schwan’s Home Service, Inc., and Wallace E. Snyder III, settlement was reached which resolves all issues; No. 08-72-7347, Barry McGinnis and Leeann McGinnis vs. Joseph Yacisen and Barbara Yacisen, a non-jury trial was set for Sept. 28 and 29; and No. 08-72-7668, Joseph Yacisen vs. Charles Woolery, regarding plaintiff’s motion to enforce judgment, the parties need to agree on a “master” and if a resolution cannot be agreed upon, a hearing will be set.

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