2011-09-29 / Court News

83rd District Court Magistrate

Sherry Blaisus, 83rd District Court Magistrate, assessed fines to the following during the period of Aug. 1 through 31:

Denton Township Police

Minor in possession (misdemeanor): Jesse A. Green, $160.

Gerrish Township Police

Minor in possession (misdemeanor): Brian P. Namee, $160.

Minor in possession, third offense: John F. Floeter, complete Impact Weekend (no fines/costs).

Roscommon County Sheriff’s


Driving with a suspended/revoked license, first offense: Christopher A. Jones, $440. Department of Natural Resources

Operating a watercraft within a marked, restricted area: Patrick H. Dillon, $185.

Fishing without a license (resident): Kari L. Morgan, $180; and Zachary S. Martinie, $115.

Towing a skier without an observer: Todd L. Bilyeu, credit for jail time served; and Donal H. Whittaker, $110.

Keeping an undersized fish: John C. Craft, $125.

Parked improperly at a state park/ boat access: George M. Chevrolet, $70; Alexa B. Bianchi, $55; Heidi E. Simison, $55; Lillian H. Niemi, $55; Lillian M. Varney $70; and Katie A. Varney, $70.

No registration/decal licensing of ORV: Shawn N. Habedank, $85.

Operating an ORV/motor vehicle where prohibited: Roy K. Hill, $135.

Minor in possession (misdemeanor): Zachary C. Marlow, $160.

Life preserver violation: Zachary C. Marlow, $115; and Jeffrey B. Stempin, $115.

Slow, no-wake speed/ 100 to 150- foot rule violation: Juan M. Garza Jr., $145.

Roscommon County Animal


Dog nuisance: Carl L. Martray, $130.

Roscommon County Marine


Towing a skier without an observer: Timothy J. Foster Jr., $110.

Personal watercraft, slow, nowake behind non-personal watercraft violation: Casey J. Tozer, $145.

Life preserver violation: Christopher L. Wanstead, $115.

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