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Two leaders lost

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Houghton Lake lost two longtime businessmen this past week, both who had a profound impact on their communities, one a nonagenarian and one a centenarian. Archie Moore, 100, owned the corner of M-55 and M-18 in Prudenville for better than 60 years and operated two retail establishments, the Hub Super Market and Surplus, Inc. for many years. Herb Smith, 94, who graduated from Houghton Lake High School in 1936, was county clerk and register of deeds as well as an abstractor in the county for 27 years and was very active in the Masonic Lodge and Shriner’s Children’s Hospital.

Archie liked work and he liked people. So did Herb, no matter what the task Herb dove right in up to his elbows. Archie was a benefactor of many causes, and a believer in people. In his grocery store he greeted his customers with a smile and while in his Surplus Store he was always quick to greet and help people. Herb seemed like a perpetual motion machine, always racing as if to a fire or on fire.

Because they were such popular personalities they made friends easily, and held associations for many decades. They helped build their communities and through their influence helped their communities grow and prosper.

We’ll always remember Herb rushing into the office, his quick wit and his ever surprising memory about dates, people, things and places. We don’t think Herb ever forgot a detail. He was the consummate salesman when it came to the Shriner’s Hospital plaques and $100 business donations.

Archie was the consummate businessman. He could quickly do the math in his head while others resorted to calculators. His talent recognized opportunity and his generosity helped many a cause and family.

In the history of Houghton Lake Archie and Herb should be remembered, and their accomplishments recorded as two residents who made a positive difference in their respective communities. We say goodbye to two leaders, and thank them for jobs well done.

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