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RCRC approves road projects in Denton, Roscommon

By Krista Tacey

Road project agreements for both Roscommon and Denton Townships were approved by the Roscommon County Road Commission at its Sept. 22 meeting.

RCRC Manager Tim O’Rourke read the terms of the agreements:

Denton Township was approved to complete a $6,688 crack sealing project that would cover 1.6 miles of the Cherokee Village subdivision. RCRC will not contribute any funding for this project. RCRC also approved Denton Township to consult with an engineer for design and site plans for improvements to South Gladwin Road. The township was approved to spend $14,000 for the engineering plans.

Roscommon Township was approved for three projects. The first was a local road agreement passed for Nestel Road under the conditions that $4,034 of the total $43,584 project would be paid for by RCRC. Towerhill Road will also see improvements as RCRC passed a $46,157 local road agreement. RCRC will not contribute any funding toward the project. The final approved project was for the $74,103 project on Flora Avenue. The road rehabilitation project will receive $40,000 incentive pay from RCRC’s road improvement program money.

After passing the road agreements, O’Rourke made several announcements including the fact that RCRC will participate in a “real life” emergency scenario on Sept. 29 in Roscommon along with area fire departments and other emergency departments.

O’Rourke said that RCRC will be toned to respond to the mock accident around 6 p.m. and two RCRC employees would then be contacted from their homes to travel to the scene. He added the exercise will show how quickly an employee can respond and how prepared RCRC is in the event of an emergency.

The employees will then have the responsibility to assist the emergency personnel and barricade the roads from the public.

After the exercise, O’Rourke said all the departments involved “will gauge their effectiveness” and see where improvements can be made.

Other announcements included that RCRC’s Safety Day will be held on Oct. 21 and “Shake Your Mailbox Day” will be Oct. 15. O’Rourke said “Shake Your Mailbox Day” is designed to help inform children and the public about ways to stay safe when a snowplow truck is present.

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