2011-11-24 / Letters to the Editor

‘All religions deserve respect’

In response to “Where are ‘Merry Christmas’ Signs?” As a young adult living in this day and age, I have learned to respect all people and their beliefs, regardless of my own. Mr. George Kozlowski took it upon himself to state “Roscommon County must be a county with an extremely high percentage of atheists and agnostics.” That is a very strong statement Mr. Kozlowski. Who are you to judge and say that people should have a “Merry Christmas” sign versus a “Happy Holidays” sign? Coming from a family of widespread religions, I accept all faiths, beliefs or non-beliefs another person may have. We live in a free country which allows me to have my own beliefs, and you yours. I personally use the term “Happy Holidays” to wish everyone the best of wishes this time of year. I don’t just want them to have a “Merry Christmas.” I wish all of their holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannukah...) to be “Happy Holidays.” All religions deserve respect, not just one. In closing: I am not narrow minded, so ‘Happy Holidays!’

Lea Demel

Houghton Lake

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If you plan to vote Tuesday, will you only vote for candidates from one party or will you vote for candidates from more than one party (i.e., split your ticket)?