2012-01-12 / Letters to the Editor

Results of Supreme Court decision to be seen

We soon, if not already will see results of the Supreme Court decision to call money free speech. This is a perfect example of an oxymoron. Indeed, free meaning without cost and money, the medium of cost in the same statement.

What is going to make this decision, which will affect our very democracy, is the fact that if people are told often enough, loud enough and frequently enough, they will accept it as true.

The judges who passed this decision themselves promoted fund raisers, raising money to promote political propaganda. This is truly a conflict of interest. Communists used this tactic on their people, we call it brainwashing. The very thing this decision promotes.

This in fact was a treasonous act or decision; Treason: the act of handing over or betrayal of a trust.

John Faber

Houghton Lake

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