2012-02-16 / Education

Creative English projects at HLCE

A House or a Home

By Kayla Greenlaw

Look at this house

We try to make it home

They say we will stay here

We know it’s a lie

I hang no posters

Leave a few boxes packed

Not much has changed from everything I knew

Yet in my heart I feel a sadness

It rises to the surface from deep down inside

It tears at my soul

I feel like I’ve left pieces of me behind

Not a single room was unemptied

But an entire life stays there

Etched into its walls

If only they could talk

I long for that home

Where there’s a dog relaxing on the porch

There is a difference between a house and a home

And if home is where the heart is

Where did mine go?

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If you plan to vote Tuesday, will you only vote for candidates from one party or will you vote for candidates from more than one party (i.e., split your ticket)?