2012-03-01 / Letters to the Editor

Writer cannot vote Republican

I’ve watched the debate cycle from day one and steadily watched the Republicans make a mockery of themselves.

I have been a voter for 51 years, leaning more to the Democrat side but also have voted Republican. In saying this, I will come no where near voting Republican in November. When I place my vote, I place it from within, heart and soul on an individual that I believe will serve the majority. I cannot find one that would do that on the Republican side.

Romney so much wants to be a conservative but I know in fact he is a moderate, he knows it but frankly will not admit it. He flip-flops on his speeches in a attempt to make himself look conservative. Instead of the Republicans running on a platform of jobs, balancing the economy and working on a fair tax structure, they are talking about contraceptives and attacking women’s rights from both parties while using Christianity as a shield in their defense.

Romney would have stood back and let the big three automotive industry fail. He would have watched a million and a half jobs sink with no possibility of recovery. In my lifetime of voting I have never seen a party go so extreme, so radical, so deep right that they will never find their way back.

Virginia Northey (“‘Election is so important’” Feb. 23 Resorter) needs to plant her feet into the real world if she believes that Romney can accomplish all the things she listed. Romney will expand more jobs going overseas as he did in the past. Romney was in the business of buying business and selling them out for profit. It scares me when I hear of debaters running for president that almost claim they are miracle workers. Debaters that will not admit to their own past failures and lay the blame on others. Most should have known you cannot support two wars, lower taxes and try to support the federal government and than de-regulate the corporate sector. Listen to Romney, Santorum, Ron Paul and Gingrich in a debate. It’s a farce, a joke and all they can talk about is birth control and abortions. Where are their ideas on creation of jobs, I haven’t heard much on that subject.

David S. Walenski

St. Helen

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