2012-03-08 / Letters to the Editor

‘Innuendo, sensationalization, accusation’ not what anyone wants

[This is in response to Dave Emmons’ “Is anyone paying attention?” letter in last week’s Resorter]

Speaking for Roscommon Township, this township board has not had a raise in five years. We pay close and strict attention to costs. As just an example, we will be voting this month at our trustee’s request, to eliminate trustee health insurance.

We thank the editor for his clarification about the fire department. The tower is not needed because the equipment will be moved to the hose tower. It’s not being replaced, as you said.

Your objection to the movie in the park? So you read the meeting minutes and just assume it is an unfunded expense? It is a “free to the public” event fully funded by contributions and ran by volunteers with a large public turnout. It is a good example of what township leadership can do for their community.

Sir, if your best effort to market township consolidation is to read some minutes (a very short synopsis of a meeting) and then try to twist the words to meet your cause, you would appear to be doing the same type of thing you claim to be against. We honestly do not think that innuendo, sensationalization or accusation is what anyone wants. We hear enough of that every day.

Please, just give the public unbiased, accurate information and they’ll do what’s right. Big government doesn’t necessarily mean good government.

We all want the same things. Prosperity and peace, and a community we can be proud of. We are proud of this town and spend every day working to prove it.

Barbara Stevenson

Diane F. Randall

Mary Ann Hose

Tammy Muckenthaler

Roscommon Township

Editor’s note: Barbara Stevenson is the Roscommon Township Clerk, Diane Randall is the supervisor, Mary Ann Hose is the treasurer and Tammy Muckenthaler is a trustee.

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