2012-03-15 / Letters to the Editor

Send message on ‘blatant giveaway of our money’

Apparently it was not enough for the Denton Township board to give their assessor a $2,100 raise last year which increased her salary to $41,400 per year even though she and her department failed the State of Michigan 14 point mini-review.

This year they were even more generous with taxpayer money and gave her an 18.36% raise of $7,600, increasing her salary to $49,000 per year!

An 18.36 % raise? Did you ever get an 18.36% raise? They have no shame when it comes to spending taxpayer money and enriching themselves. They generate revenue by increasing the millage rate to “support the budget.” This increases your property taxes even though your property values continue to drop. You have no vote on this matter. I believe this type of good ole boy “let’s enrich ourselves” township government at taxpayer expense should and can be brought to a swift end.

We all have an opportunity to sign petitions that are currently circulating to “consolidate” the four surrounding townships of Houghton Lake into one. I encourage you to sign one thereby getting it on the November ballot where we can vote and send a message that we will not accept this blatant giveaway of our money.

Jim Rieger

Houghton Lake

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