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Lake residents approve pay decrease

By Cheryl Holladay

Trustees serving on the Lake Township board will receive smaller salaries, effective in November of this year.

At the township’s annual meeting March 17, Trustee Janet Duwe made a motion from the floor to reduce the salaries of the trustees to $100 less per month, or about $260 per month, effective in November.

“Our duties are not heavy enough to claim the salary we make,” she said.

Supervisor Stan Christler checked on the statute pertaining to board members’ salaries being lowered, but said he would also consult with the Michigan Townships Association.

The motion carried 9-6, by a vote of township residents at the meeting.

Bob Gandolfi, former Lake Township supervisor, made a motion to make the clerk’s annual salary equal to the supervisor’s, but when it was learned there is only a $22 difference, he withdrew it.

Supervisor Stan Christler commented on some of the events that occurred in the township over the past year.

The township held its 100th anniversary celebration in 2011, which he called more of a “summer picnic.” The event attracted more than 100 people, he said.

In the fall, the township hosted a tree-cutting ceremony to commemorate the State Capitol Christmas tree that was shipped from Jerry and Beverly Kilburn’s property to Lansing.

Christler said the township board worked on the budget and “lived within our means,” adding “we try to be diligent with your dollars.”

Referring to township consolidation efforts by petitioners, he said of Lake Township, “it’s your township.”

Lake Township cooperates with the other three townships surrounding Houghton Lake, he said, citing the Houghton Lake Sewer Authority, Houghton Lake Building Agency and Houghton Lake Ambulance. “We work together a lot with the other townships,” he said, “when it makes sense for us.”

He asked if the larger population base on Houghton Lake’s east side would affect “little Lake Township.”

“Bigger government is not always better,” he said.

He said the township lost two major workers within the last year, Bob Maynard (maintenance) and Don Moore (deputy treasurer). He noted that two firemen are going through tough times, Ed Frederick and Ron Martin.

Christler highlighted the repaving of M-55 last year. He noted that the Michigan Department of Transportation considers the bridges on Long Point to be “covered culverts” and alternative funding for paving them is being sought for that paving project.

Following a budget hearing, the 2012-13 budget was approved.

Revenues for the general fund budget are expected to be $247,554, while expenditures are estimated to be $237,424. In addition, several fund budgets were approved: Roads, $116,200 in revenues and $116,000 in expenditures; fire operating, $114,975 in revenues and $112,764 in expenditures; fire equipment, $58,100 in revenues and $58,000 in expenditures; cemetery, $100 in revenues and $8,000 in expenditures (a fund balance exists to cover costs); street lights, $35,526 in revenues and $33,826 in expenditures; trash, $104,908 in revenues and $104,908 in expenditures.

Salaries for the next fiscal year will be as follows: Supervisor, $18,558.54; clerk, $18,536.04; deputy clerk, $2,400; treasurer, $17,782.45; deputy treasurer, $2,400; custodian, $10 per hour; cemetery sexton, $10 per hour; assessor, $24,500; land use officer, $6,600; board of review, $95 for chairman and $85 for other members per meeting; planning commission and Zoning Board of Appeals, $60 for chairman and $55 for other members per meeting; and election inspectors, $9.50 per hour for chairman and $8.50 per hour for inspectors.

Other wages: Firefighters, $25 per meeting per run, plus officers’ wages; chief, $2,700 per year; assistant chief, $1,800 per year; captain, $900 per year, lieutenant, $900 per year; and secretary, $900 per year.

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